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The Air Duct Cleaning Process With Breathe Pure Houston

The Selection

Technician Selection

Our first step is understanding the concern. Once that is established, we select a technician trained for the specific project. Let's be clear, all Breathe Pure technicians, have the right credentials, training, and experience for your project. Matter of fact, ask them yourself upon arrival. All verification can be done here, including our competition: 


Our technicians are all trained the Breathe Pure way. Additionally, our technicians are registered, certified and/or licensed through Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation for Heating & Air Conditioning and mold remediation. Breathe Pure Houston is a licensed

Mold Remediation Company #RCO1319

Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor



The Inspection

  Our second step is the inspection. 

This includes all ducts, systems, and their related components. Our technician will be prepared with the necessary tools to ensure a thorough evaluation is performed. The inspection is very important. Not only at determining the scope of work but it gives us the advantage at taking the best approach. We can video or photograph. We want you to know and understand all the mysteries and myths. We want to confirm or erase your fears with our assessment procedure. Once the inspection is complete, your technician will visit with you about the results, answer questions, discuss options and offer timelines. The technician will discuss price points and services for your specific need. There is no pressure. There is no up sale. We offer what it takes, nothing more.


The Cleaning

  Our final step is the cleaning. We use the equipment designed for your project type. We protect your personal property with plastic. We use all EPA air duct registered products, if application is needed. We provide MSDS for anything we use. You will not be guessing with us. We utilize the proper air scrubbing equipment to keep from compromising the indoor air quality further. Our technicians will take the unit apart and clean it correctly. Your technicians will have an itemized instruction list with all the components, applications, replacements, or repairs discussed and agreed on prior to our cleaning. After the technicians finish the job, it's clean up time! We didn't get hired to make a mess, but clean one. Finally, we walk through the property with you so that you understand what was done and can rest assured you got exactly what you paid for.


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